Community Outreach


Street Law

Street Law is a social initiative by the Law and Politics Society (LPS) at LUMS in collaboration with the Shaikh Ahmed Hassan School of Law (SAHSOL). The project is comprised of a team of eight law students, supervised by Advocate Angbeen Mirza, a member of the permanent faculty at the law school. Street law is a form of clinical legal education; the instant project targets high school students from middle and lower income backgrounds and seeks to inform them about the law and the legal system of Pakistan through an hour-long interactive session each week.

Last year, four schools were part of the project, namely American Lycetuff, School of Sciences and Haleem Academy, Crescent Trust Organization exclusively for orphaned children, also run by Haleem Academy.

Currently, three schools are part of the project for this year, namely School of Sciences, Umeed School and Bali Memorial Trust exclusively for the female homeless children and women.

The project is expected to run through the entire academic year, following a curriculum which begins with a basic introduction to the state and law, and continues to topics ranging from criminal law and procedure, to fundamental rights, labour laws, and the laws affecting vulnerable groups, including women, children and religious minorities. Through engaging activities, interactive lectures and open discussion, the project aims to inculcate informed citizens who are able to exercise their legal rights on a daily basis. In the long-run, the students will hopefully contribute to the society productively.