Fee Structure 2019-20

The following fee structure is applicable for students paying full tuition fees. LUMS is proud to offer generous financial assistance to qualifying students, which ranges from partial to full coverage of tuition and living costs.



Cost per credit hour



28,350  per credit hour


25,900  per credit hour

Standard Tuition Fee


 Undergraduate full time (12-20 credit hours)

340,200  per semester

 Graduate (6 credit hours)

155,400  per semester


441,600  per semester

EMBA 1st Year

329,835  per module

EMBA 2nd Year

412,300  per semester

MPhil Education Leadership and Management 213,675 per semester




Admission Fee 


Undergraduate programmes

79,200  one-time charge

Graduate programmes

72,100  one-time charge


89,900  one-time charge

Registration Fee 


Undergraduate programmes

25,250  per semester

Graduate programmes

23,000  per semester

EMBA 1st Year

19,267 per module

EMBA 2nd Year

24,100 per semester


24,100  per semester

Reading Material



20,350  per semester

EMBA 1st Year

22,667  per module

EMBA 2nd Year

28,350  per semester

Lab Charges (For SBASSE Undergraduate programme only)

65,350  per semester

MBA SOP Charges

22,000  one-time charge

Security Deposit (Refundable) for MBA / EMBA

20,600  one-time charge

Security Deposit (Refundable) for Undergraduate

21,600  one-time charge

Security Deposit (Refundable) for Graduate program 21,200  one-time charge
Health Insurance for all Programmes 1,650 per Year




Hostel Charges


Double Occupancy 

37,950  per semester

Triple Occupancy 

25,300  per semester

Hostel Registration Fee

2,100  per year

Hostel Security (Refundable)

18,900  one-time charge

Hostel Charges for Summer Orientation Programme


Double Occupancy charges

3,800 one-time charge

REDC Accomodation Fee for EMBA Students 82,334 per module
REDC Accommodation Fee for EMBA Students (2nd Year) 123,500 per semester




Application Processing Fee for - UG/MBA/EMBA


Application Processing Fee for - PhD Management Programmes


Application Processing Fee for MS/PhD/MS-Econ Programmes


SBASSE Subject Test Fee for MS/PhD Programmes


SBASSE Subject Test Fee for UG Programme


Foreign Applicants


UG Application Processing Fee


UG Processing Fee & UG SBASSE Test Fee


Graduate Application Processing Fee


Graduate Processing Fee & LGAT Fee



  • Tuition Fee at LUMS for all programmes except MBA, EMBA & MPhil is based on the number of credit hours taken.
  • MBA, EMBA & MPhil programmes have a standard full-time tuition fee per semester/module
  • The cost per credit-hour at LUMS for undergraduate programmes for 2019-20 is PKR 28,350/-. Students will be responsible for buying their own books and other reading material.
  • The cost per credit-hour at LUMS for graduate programmes (except MBA, EMBA & MPhil) for 2019-20 is PKR 25,900/-. Students will be responsible for buying their own books and other reading material (except MBA & EMBA).
  • For new students, 35% fee waiver will be applicable on Tuition Fee only for MS Basic Sciences programmes (i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics)
  • For all undergraduate programmes at LUMS, full-time status requires 12 credit hours per semester. Students who have paid full-time tuition can take up to a maximum of 20 credit hours per semester without any additional charge (i.e. a student who has paid full-time tuition fee can take between 12-20 credit hours per semester without any extra charge).
  • At the graduate level (except MBA, EMBA & MPhil) tuition fee is calculated on the basis of credit-hours taken. Typically, full-time students enrolled in graduate degrees take 6 credit hours per semester. If a student intends to enroll in more than 6 credit hours, then tution fee will be charged per additional credit hour.
  • The tuition fee for the MBA programme is PKR 441,600/- per semester & for MPhil programme is PKR 213,675/- per semester.
  • The tuition fee for the EMBA 1st year is PKR 329,835/- per module and for 2nd year is PKR 412,300/-  per semester.
  • SBASSE undergraduate students will be charged Lab charges for the maximum of 4 years only. SBASSE students who require to take courses beyond this will not be charged any additional Lab charges (if 4 years lab fee has already been charged).
  • Part-time students are not eligible for financial aid or for on-campus accommodation.
  • Fees are payable by semester according to the schedule given in the Annual Fee bill.
  • Fees for Transfer, Visiting and Auditing students will be charged according to the standard per credit hour rate.
  • Through an amendment in the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 by Finance Act 2013, advance tax (under section 236 I) shall be collected @ 5% on the entire amount of fee (if Student Payable exceeds Rs. 200,000/- per annum excluding the amount refundable).
  • Advance tax paid on fee is adjustable at the time of filing of Income tax return. LUMS will issue Advance Tax Certificate in this regard at year-end.
  • In case of withdrawal from the program, fee will be refunded according to the fee refund policy available at LUMS website.
  • University fees are usually announced once a year, for the following academic year. However, fee rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Fee payment instructions are given on the fee voucher, LUMS also has an online payment facility.