Faculty Profile

Mr. Hassan Emaduddin Ansari

Assistant Professor

Shaikh Ahmed Hassan School of Law

Mr. Emad Ansari has joined us as Assistant Professor - Tenure Track in the Shaikh Ahmed Hassan School of Law (SAHSOL).

Emad holds Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Public Policy (MPP) degrees from the University of Michigan Law School and the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. He also completed his undergraduate study at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. While there, he was recognized for his teaching as a Graduate Instructor; received the S. Anthony Benton Memorial Award for excellence in international & constitutional law; served as Articles Editor for the Michigan Journal of International Law; and received the Race, Law and History Fellowship to research the drafting history of the 1861 Police Law.

Emad’s core theoretical, professional and practical interest is in the law’s relationship with violence. Accordingly, his work has covered reparations and policy responses to large scale and historical atrocities, refugee rights and asylum issues, treatment of political detainees, and gender crimes. He has worked with various research, advocacy and legal aid organizations both locally and abroad including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Centre for Transitional Justice.

He is also a writer and has recently completed work on his first novel, a fictional exploration of boyhood, identity and belonging, set in colonial India, post-partition Pakistan, and present-day America.

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Semester Title Code
Fall Semester 2018-19 Truth, Memory, and Justice 1801
Fall Semester 2018-19 Senior Project 1801
Fall Semester 2018-19 Concept of Law 1801
Spring Semester 2017-18 Law and Literature 1702
Spring Semester 2017-18 Senior Project 1702
Spring Semester 2017-18 Senior Project 1702
Spring Semester 2017-18 Human Rights 1702
Fall Semester 2017-18 Lawlessness/Impunity 1701
Fall Semester 2017-18 Senior Project 1701
Spring Semester 2016-17 Law and the Dangerous Man 1602
Spring Semester 2016-17 Human Rights 1602
Spring Semester 2016-17 Independent Study 1602
Fall Semester 2016-17 Jurisprudence 1601