LUMS Law Alumni Association Holds First Elections

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The LUMS Law Alumni Association (LLAA) is one of the three formal alumni associations holding a charter from LUMS, and last year in October, the first Board of LLAA was put in place by the Dean of the Law School in his capacity as the LLAA Patron.

On September 3, 2018, the first elections of LLAA were held and the following were elected to the LLAA Board for a two year term:

·  Syed Umair Javed, Class of 2008, President

·  Hammad Saeed, Class of 2010, Vice President

·  Hiba Akbar, Class of 2014, Secretary

·  Waleed bin Usman, Class of 2017, Treasurer

In line with the other three LUMS alumni associations, namely the Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) Alumni Association, the CSS Alumni Association, and the Development Sector Alumni Association, the Charter established the LUMS Law Alumni Association as an independent, self-governing body, and specifies a number of activities to be carried out by the Association annually. These include the holding of an annual lecture and annual dinner; offering career advice to current law students, as well as offering continuous professional development to, and organising training events for, LUMS law alumni and current BA-LL.B students.

The LUMS Office of Alumni Relations is thrilled to have such an excellent and committed board leading the Law Alumni Association. They are excited about the developments that will arise from these elections, and are confident that the newly elected board will help the LUMS alumni community grow even closer.