LUMS Welcomes Prospective Students

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Following its annual tradition, LUMS held its flagship Open Day event on November 17, 2019. Brimming with enthusiasm, aspiring students and their families received a warm welcome from the LUMS community. The event provided a chance for guests to visit the vibrant campus, learn about the variety of degrees and programmes offered, experience a taste of life at LUMS first-hand and discover the endless opportunities the University has to offer.

The day kicked-off with a host of engaging activities. Visitors had the chance to attend specifically designed information sessions about the programmes and network with faculty members and alumni. The sessions were engaging and allowed for a lot of personal interaction.

The information sessions for the graduate and doctoral programmes included presentations on the MS, MPhil, PhD, MBA and EMBA programmes. Faculty members represented their specific Departments and Schools and provided comprehensive insight into the degree, the research opportunities as well as career prospects after graduation. Each session concluded with a question and answer round where prospective students could obtain comprehensive responses to their queries.

Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Vice Chancellor LUMS, commenced the undergraduate sessions by welcoming the audience. He said, “Deciding a future path is challenging. But if you are ready to put hard work, integrity and generosity as values that will guide you, you will really feel at home at LUMS.”

He appreciated the enthusiasm and curiosity of the prospective students and urged them to pursue their passion of learning and education. He inspired the guests to utilise the opportunity of speaking directly with faculty, staff and alumni, as there is no substitute for these personal interactions.

The audience was pleased to learn about the transdisciplinary education offered at the University. At LUMS, students are encouraged to pursue knowledge with ‘no borders’. This means that students studying a particular field are not limited to only taking courses in that area, but rather are encouraged to explore other subjects from outside of their field and enrich their experiences. In addition to this, there are many exchange programmes in place through which students can also gain international exposure.

Ms. Nuzhat Kamran, Director, Office of Advancement, LUMS, talked about the importance of the event and said, “This is a great opportunity for our future students to visit the campus and learn more about the University. Students and their families can freely ask their questions and engage in a way that isn’t possible online.”

The alumni sessions at the event featured the personal success stories of some of the brightest LUMS graduates. They shared their experiences about their alma mater, and provided helpful advice on how to navigate university life. They motivated the aspiring students to pursue their subject of choice and become the next LUMS success story.

Attendees also had the opportunity to find out more about admissions at LUMS; they were able to understand the application process and clarify any concerns. The attendees also got to know about the financial aid offered by the University, and were pleased to learn that 40 percent of students receive some form of financial support annually.

Maryam Khan, a local A Levels student attending the event commented, “In addition to being extremely helpful, I really enjoyed the Open Day. The organisers kept us engaged the whole day and introduced us to life at LUMS in the best way possible.”

At the end of the day, equipped with detailed understanding about the University and its programmes, aspiring students and their family members felt well prepared to take the next step of applying to the University. With prospective students already weighing up options for 2020, the Open Day was a great way to get a taste of what it is like to study at LUMS.