SAHSOL Celebrates its Top Students at Dean Honour's List Ceremony

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

On October 18, 2019, the Sheikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law (SAHSOL) at LUMS held a Dean’s Honour List (DHL) Ceremony to honour 37 high-achieving students. The event, held annually, recognises and celebrates students' academic success in the previous academic year.

Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Vice Chancellor LUMS, and Dr. Kamran Asdar Ali, Provost and Acting Dean SAHSOL, were present at the ceremony and addressed the faculty members, students and parents in attendance. Professor Ben Boer, Professor Xiang Yan and Professor Yuan Kang, instructors of the 'Introduction to Chinese Law' course at SAHSOL also attended the event.

The evening commenced with a congratulatory note by Dr. Ali, who praised the students for their hard work. He spoke about how students are not just an asset to SAHSOL, but also represent the spirit and mission of LUMS.

Dr. Ahmad extended his well wishes to parents, faculty and staff and acknowledged their role in supporting students and enabling them to achieve such success. He also highlighted inspirational stories about the students on the DHL.

He concluded his talk by motivating the students to continue working hard in their field and said, “To all of you who have joined the Dean’s Honour List and look to lead society in matters of justice, equality and the very foundation on which nations stand tall, let me end on a short but powerful saying by Hazrat Ali (RA), ‘Nothing can cause nations to flourish like Justice.’”

Attendees were then shown a short video about the inauguration of the Centre for Chinese Legal Studies. This was followed by an award distribution ceremony. The students, faculty and guests all posed for a group photograph. The ceremony concluded with the guests gathering over tea.