SAHSOL Organises Talk on Regulations and Technology

Thursday, March 5, 2020

In Commerce and Business, today, the externalities and ‘known unknowns’ of the industry create a myriad of issues that complicate running a successful enterprise. Simultaneously, the growth of the ‘gig economy’ has increased the demands customers have with response times, almost instantaneous. To add to this complex situation, the laws and regulations governing commerce in Pakistan are severely outdated catering to a pre-digital era.

To navigate these waters and to ensure that businesses are equipped with useful information, the Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law arranged a seminar to discuss regulations and technology on Friday, January 31, 2020. The seminar hosted esteemed guest speakers Ali Naseer, Chief Corporate and Enterprise Officer, Jazz, and Saima Kamila Khan, Chief Legal officer, Jazz, to discuss the ‘Discourse on Managing a Business in a Tough Legal-Regulatory Environment’.

Leaders within the cellular mobile industry in Pakistan, the speakers talked about their experience of running a complex and multi-pronged business that impacts nearly every Pakistani. The talk provided valuable insight into how to smoothly run a company like Jazz in a competitive environment.