Tourism Management Course Trip to Khewra Salt Mines & Katas Raj Temples

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tourism Management has been designed and developed as one of the most challenging and practically calibrated 4-month duration courses for SDSB LUMS by Mr. Syed Hussain Haider. Two phenomenal classes of LUMS students have created 7 tourism start-up companies and arranged 10 commercially attuned trips across the different regions of Pakistan.


On October 6th, 2019, students of the Tourism Management course arranged a tour to Katas Raj Temple and Khewra Salt Mines as part of their project. The participants gathered along with guests and the course instructor at 7:00 a.m. for departure. The five hour journey was full of travelling games, singing, cracking jokes, and enjoying the light-hearted atmosphere. At around noon, the group disembarked at Katas Raj temples. The history of these temples goes back 5000 years, with many ancient structures of the complex showing incredible detail. The main highlight of the complex is a 4500-year old sacred Hindu stone which holds religious significance even today. After admiring the unique architecture of the buildings and taking some memorable photos, we had lunch. Before heading to the next destination, a group photo was taken. The moment was made memorable by our instructor’s slogan of “Pakistan Zindabad!” which really energized us. 


The next destination was Khewra Salt Mines, which are the second largest in the world. Excursions are taken under ground level to see fascinating structures made of natural salt. We saw a mosque along with replicas of Minar-e-Pakistan and Sheesh Mahal carved out of salt bricks. At the end of the visit, our group took a joyous “Pirate Boat” ride which was a really enjoyable experience. The trip concluded over dinner at Bhera. Overall, the trip was well-managed by students of the Tourism Management course and appreciated by all of the participants.


The write-up and photographs have been shared by Rehan Waseem (B.Sc Accounting and Finance Class of '21) as part of the Tourism Management course.

Tourism Management in a Snapshot
Tourism Management has been designed and developed by Mr Syed Hussain Haider, one of the most challenging and practically calibrated 4 months duration degree course for SDSB LUMS. It aims to explore a diverse range of perspectives of the functions of management within the tourism industry, showing how tourism has evolved as a business, how the tourism industry is structured, and how tourism businesses operate at a destination and in a national context through textual and practicum resources, cases and experiential learning (field visits).