• Criminal Punishment and Human Rights: Convenient Morality
    This book examines the relationship between international human rights discourse and the justifi cations for criminal punishment. Using interdisciplinary discourse analysis, it exposes certain...
  • "War to Lawfare: Spotlighting the India-Pakistan Conflict" - A Policy Brief by Prof. Sikandar Ahmed Shah and Prof. Uzair Kayani
    Lawfare, or the use of legal fora and devices for military and diplomatic advantage, has become a critical component of South Asia’s dynamic conflict landscape. In the context of the India-Pakistan...
  • Law, State and Inequality in Pakistan: Explaining the Rise of the Judiciary
    Dr. Muhammad Azeem
    Through a detailed historical and empirical account of post-independence years, this book offers a new assessment of the role of the judiciary in Pakistani politics. Instead of seeing the judiciary...
  • The Constitution of Pakistan: A contextual Analysis
    Sadaf Aziz
    This volume provides a contextual account of Pakistan's constitutional laws and history. It aims to describe the formal structure of government in reference to origins that are traced to the...
  • Family Laws in Pakistan
    By:Dr. Zubair Abbasi
    This book provides the latest and updated account of the principles and practices of family laws in Pakistan. It is primarily based on the latest case law and statutes. The authors not only present...
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