2nd LUMS International Moot Court Competition

The 2nd LIMCC was held on April, 25th – 28th, 2019. It hosted a total of 14 teams, national and international included. The Moot Court – hosted in collaboration with UNHCR – was the second of its kind hosted by the society in the current year, but incomparable to the previous editions due to the intense competition between the talented teams and the remarkable judges honoring the competition with their presence. Another distinct point was the theme of the competition which highlighted the issue of refugees. The competition itself was preceded by a talk on the same issue and the moot problem revolved around the refugee problem as well.

Different teams of various esteemed universities from all over Pakistan took part including: TMUC Karachi, Punjab University, TILS, UMT, Indus College of law, Quaid-e-Azam Law University and BSOL. The international teams from Nepal belonged to Kathmandu School of law and Prithvi Narayan Campus.

Day zero started with the opening ceremony, in which refugee crisis was discussed in a panel talk. The speakers included two highly qualified representatives from UNHCR, Mr. Ian Hall and Mr. Peter Stockholder. They were joined by the vice-president of RSIL, Mr. Ali Sultan, and the patron of the Law & Politics Society and Professor of SAHSOL, Mr. Uzair Kiyani, served as the moderator. The talk focused on the personal research of UNHCR representatives and international law regarding refugees and ended with questions from the audience.

On Friday, LUMS was hustling with enthusiastic participants, running to their assigned auditoriums in the business school, law school and academic block. After the day’s rounds, LPS had tirelessly with the help of the CCA, arranged a Qawali night for the participants’ entertainment. This was nothing less than a success and it was of great importance as it reflected a part of Pakistani culture to the international teams who assuredly enjoyed it.

TMUC Karachi and UCP qualified towards the final. This match was particularly enthralling because of the continuous questioning of the judges to the participants. However, the participants were not easily intimidated and it ended with TMUC Karachi taking the victory home. The best speaker was from the winning team, Umer Ather. The best memorial for the applicant was submitted by TILS and the best memo for the respondent was by Kathmandu School of Law.

After the final, a closing ceremony was arranged followed by an outdoor dinner so the delegates to officially end the event. It also provided the participants and the society members a chance to socialize with law students from across Pakistan and qualified professionals in the legal arena. The acting dean of the Law School, Dr. Kamran Asdar Ali presented awards to the honorable judges who presided the sessions along with the faculty and staff who made the event possible through their continuous guidance. The finalists were also presented award for their zealous efforts. At the end Ma’am Hiba Zakai presented shields to the Executive Council – Muhammad Oneeb Afzal, Ali Hussain Gilani, Momal Malil, Hassan Kamal, Malik Hamza Mahmood, Hassnain Raza – and General Council members of the Law & Politics Society.