I was raised in an inimitable family milieu; where we lived in a joint family system of 36, my father is the eldest in his 14 married siblings (9 brothers and 5 sisters). All families were dependent on grandfather’s crockery shop as single source of income. We are 4 siblings and it was unmanageable for me to continue education, as my father was already having tough time paying tuition fees of my 2 brothers for their MBA’s from IBA and PAF kiet Karachi. So, I learned to survive in an unusual way, where my hardships became my inspirations and my...


Innovative style of teaching I had never known before

Law Associate

LUMS has served as a window into a whole new world for me.  I find myself more perceptive and sensitive regarding things that matter. My journey here has prepared me for the greater voyage we all owe ourselves.

Business Analyst

It's really an honor to be a part of the inaugural class.