Usama Khawar, a distinguished figure in the domains of human rights and labor law, is recognized for his extensive academic and practical contributions. He has pursued his educational journey at esteemed institutions like Columbia Law School, New York and Central European University, where he acquired expertise in international and comparative constitutional law.

Usama's impact extends well beyond academia. With active involvement in the field of Rule of Law and Criminal Justice System reforms, he serves as a trusted advisor to government bodies. He has made pivotal contributions to high-powered committees for the Government of Punjab, focusing on critical issues such as Prison Reforms and Local Governments. Usama's advisory roles in shaping key legislations underscore his commitment to strengthening governance structures and justice systems.

His multifaceted engagement ensures that his expertise resonates widely, making him an influential voice in the arenas of law, human rights, and governance. He imparts his knowledge through teaching, offering a diverse range of courses at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). His courses at LUMS encompass subjects that span Federalism and Local Governments in Pakistan, Public Interest Lawyering, Legal Practice (Advocacy), Civil Procedure, Pakistan Legal System, Parcelization of Criminal Law: Special Courts for Special Criminal Offenses, and Public International Law. and more, reflecting his commitment to nurturing the next generation of legal minds.

His academic endeavors are complemented by a dedication to fostering public discourse. Usama regularly contributes insightful articles to esteemed newspapers like DAWN, The News, and Daily Times. Additionally, he is a recognized constitutional expert, frequently sought after by national and international media for his astute analysis. Some of the articles that he has authored include:


He tweets at @UsamaKhawar 

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