The alumni mentorship programme was introduced to empower the student body at the Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law with the key competencies and skills required for taking on the roles of tomorrow’s leaders, as they prepare themselves for their professional careers. Each alumni mentor provides tailored guidance sessions to students, focusing on areas such as achieving academic excellence, time management, exploring opportunities on campus to enhance their interpersonal and leadership skills, connecting practical experience with their academic knowledge in order to better understand their strengths, interests and abilities. The program also focuses on guiding students regarding the avenues they can explore post lums.

For the year 2021-22, we have worked with the following law school graduates as our alumni mentors:

  • Ammar Athar Saeed (class of 2009) – Partner at Saiduddin & Co.
  • Momina Imran (class of 2020) – Corporate Legal Associate at Kashf Foundation
  • Aadil Lalani (class of 2019) – Senior Associate at Haider Waheed Partners, Karachi
  • Altamush Saeed (class of 2019) – LLM, Michigan Law School
  • Awais Leghari (class of 2018) – Trainee Lawyer at Miller Thomson LLP, Toronto
  • Mustafa Khalid (class of 2021) – Associate at Axis Law Chambers, Lahore
  • Shahzad Anjum (class of 2014) – Runs his own law firm


Ms Khadijah Ahmed
Special Guest
Chevening scholar for the year 2020-21. Completed her Masters of Law at the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)


Ms Momina Imran
Alumni mentor
Corporate Legal Associates at Kashf Foundation


Mr Altamush Saeed
Alumni mentor
pursing his LLM at the University of Michigan Law School, USA