Office of Academic Advising


At SAHSOL, we strive to ensure our students have access to reliable information and diverse perspectives for making informed decisions about their academic and professional goals as they progress through each year of their studies at LUMS. To this end, we offer a holistic network of advising support that works in synergy to meet students varied and evolving needs that may be academic or non-academic in nature.
Students are responsible for seeking advice

  • For knowing and meeting the requirements of the degree program
  • For enrolling in courses appropriate to that degree program,
  • For taking courses in the proper sequence to ensure orderly and timely progress toward the degree.

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Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors provide individualized support to students in understanding and upholding university policies, procedures, and expectations. This includes but is not limited to navigating enrollment cycles, satisfying degree requirements, meeting academic performance standards, and referral to other resources for helping students make the most of their time at LUMS.

Academic Advising can cover a broad range of topics, such as:

  • Understanding the structure of the 5-year program
  • Planning to pursue a minor
  • Tailoring program of study to specific interests and goals
  • Considering outcomes of Pass/No Credit options, course withdrawal, or program withdrawal
  • Overcoming personal challenges and hardships to improve academic performance and adjustment to university life
  • Assessing options to transfer across other degree programs at LUMS


Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors offer field-related expertise, guidance on long-term academic and professional goals, strategies for professional development, and insights on career outlook and pathways.

Faculty Advising sessions may include discussions on:

  • What to do with a law degree
  • Managing workload and expectations in law courses
  • Selecting major electives
  • When and where to do an internship
  • Identifying research topics for Directed Coursework options
  • Applications for graduate school


Peer Ambassadors

Peer Ambassadors at LUMS (POD Pals) are 4th/5th year law students who facilitate academic information sharing and community building within and across batches. Each student is assigned to a Pod that comprises of students from different batches. Students may meet with their Pod PALS as a group or individually.

Topics of discussion in a Pod may include:

  • Understanding enrollment cycles
  • Course selection and workload management
  • Improving CP and other study tips for law courses
  • Goal-setting and skill/interest exploration
  • Selecting and managing co-curriculars
  • Transition into the B.A and LL.B phases of SAHSOL and life post-graduation.