The Annual Khalid Ishaque Distinguished Lecture and Seminar by The Honourable Mr Justice (R) Asif Saeed Khan Khosa


On Friday April 15th 2022, the annual Khalid Ishaque Memorial lecture was organized by the Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law. The Honourable Mr Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, the 26th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, delivered a seminar entitled Catching the Bull by its Horns, in which he explored a myriad of constitutional and social issues that Pakistan has faced in the seven decades since its inception. Justice Khosa’s lecture provided an opportunity to learn from his profound contributions to the Pakistani legal system, for which he received the Justice Excellence Award in 2022 by the International Institute for Justice Excellence. On the following day Saturday April 16th, a panel of distinguished academics, jurists and lawyers such as The Honourable Justice Mansoor Ali Shah (Puisne Judge, Supreme Court of Pakistan), Mr Faisal Siddiqi (Advocate, Supreme court of Pakistan), Dr Mohammad Waseem (Professor pf Political Science, MGSHSS) and Ms Hiba Akbar (Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, SAHSOL), delivered reflections and points of engagement with the groundbreaking contributions of Justice Khosa to the development and advancement of many domains of law in Pakistan.  The speakers reflected on an aspect of Justice Khosa’s jurisprudence, the context for the delivery of his judgements and the evolutions in his treatment of issues during his time on the bench at the supreme court.   

Also joining for iftar following dinner and further conversation were Rector, Mr. Shahid Hussain, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Provost, Dr. Tariq Jadoon, and Senior Supreme Court Advocate and Member of Board of Trustees, Dr. Parvez Hassan and many eminent members from the legal fraternity in Pakistan.