Reference in Honour of Justice (R) Fazal Karim


He has been associated with SAHSOL since its inception as a department in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. In this role, he has mentored countless batches of LUMS graduates, and dedicated the first edition of his book, “The Law of Criminal Procedure,” to the first graduating class of SAHSOL. SAHSOL is proud to have been associated with a distinguished academic and former Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The event was well attended by alumni, students, faculty and staff, as well as former and serving judges and distinguished lawyers. Dean Dr. Kamran Asdar Ali, Advocate Supreme Court Khawaja Haris, alumnus Saroop Ijaz, Justice (R) Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday and students Umaiya Zahid Sheikh, Sara Raza and Ayesha Siddique spoke about Justice Fazal Karim’s contributions to the field of law as an academic, judge and as a mentor to his students. Alumni and students congratulated him on his latest publications, and bid him a bittersweet farewell.